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Atherton Carnival

One evening around April 2018 I was sat at home watching TV when my wife Michelle who was browsing Social media says “do you think the diving club is up for doing a carnival” I asked “how much” the reply was 5.00 for a stand... “why not” I said. Book it and we will tell the club... it was good exposure, new ideas to raise our profile, we could even take the club RIB on the parade. “yes we can even get someone to dress up,” Michelle said... I wonder who she was talking about.

That week at club meeting Michelle raised the subject of the carnival parade. The club thought this was different but a good idea.
Michelle set about putting together plans for the stall, and organising dress material for the RIB and characters.. it was suggested we had a mermaid and Poseidon... I suggested my Eldest son's girlfriend be the mermaid, but she had to work on the day... so I roped in my good neighbour Debbie Whittaker... (I cycle with her Husband Lee)  knowing Debbie would definitely be up for dressing up...

When I told her that we would be setting everything up at the fire station with firemen it was a simple “yes”...
Who was to be Poseidon? Well yes, you guessed it... Me...


Michelle bought the materials and made my Poseidon costume from scratch, the only item we were missing was a Trident, so we opted for a devil’s fork from fancy dress shop and painted it gold.
Michelle also made all the bunting for the side of the boat.. made cut out sea life, the boat looked awesome...

Thankfully the club had a stand and tables. A number of team members helped dress the boat and build the stand... (thank you)

We had various quiz and games, “guess the shark name” “guess the weight of The weight belt” “ guess “ the weight of sweets” £1.00 a go.

This sun was shining, the RIB was ready, characters were ready... a special mention to John P.. firstly receiving a fireman's lift over the carnival fencing then walked the parade in fins,  wetsuit and cardboard cylinders... every five minutes we poured water over his head.

Alf our DO, towed the RIB which had Me (Poseidon) Debbie (mermaid) Lynn (Cox) Xander (As himself)  we had a big bucket of water and water pistols.. we literally Wet everyone we could, it was all in good spirits... babies, elders, kids. Everyone got wet.

Behind the boat was Michelle, Imogen and Madi giving out Sub C leaflets to everyone. This event must have raised club awareness. It was really good fun and to see the delight on people’s faces when the boat turned up... wetting people was brilliant.., the number of pictures people took was amazing,  Poseidon & Mermaid had lots of photographs with visitors. The club RIB had a lot of photo opportunities.  

Whilst we made circa 60.00 for the club, I think the event was brilliant and certainly worth doing again but better... how can we improve next year... thanks to everyone whom got involved. Michelle did an awesome job for the first club carnival.
Special thanks to Wilt, he worked a night shift night before carnival, but met up with us before starting a shift, then came back after shift and walked the parade with us... (on his wedding anniversary) cheers Pal...

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