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Bog Bay Bash 2018

Diving the Missouri

Besides most recovering from sun burn despite copious amounts of sun cream, our divers had a fantastic weekend at Porth Dafarch, Anglesey for this year's Bog Bay Bash.

With the focal point of the weekend being the wreck of the Missouri. A 130m American Steamer that lies at an average of 13m with the bow of the ship lying just off the coast of Porth Dafarch.

There was definitely plenty of diving to do, with shore dives a plenty between the boat dives over the two days, with excellent visibility, and scorching sun beating down overhead the waters an average of 15°C.

Photo Credit: Nick Worthington

With this being my first club trip with the club, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that when I got into my drysuit I instantly wanted to get in the water. Not to go diving, but to cool off! Remind me not to dive in a dry suit in scorching weather like we had again!

The first set of dives in the morning consisted on half on the boat, half doing shore dives. Seeing as i had never experienced these conditions before, I was on the shore dive morning group. The water was crystal clear with a good 10m+ visibility, it was like being in the bahamas (especially with the heat!). 


Of course, what would the Bog Bay Bash be without the legendary BBQ on the beach! Although I opted out of the BBQ after feeling a little queasy from tipping over off the rocks in full kit! (when kit with 20kg of lead in it wants to fall over, it's falling over no matter what you do to stop it!) The food went down well with everyone who ate, and we were all raring to go for round two!

The afternoon dive saw us venturing out onto the RIB out into open water just beyond the reach of the bay. We were greeted by two buoys all ready to go. We were right on top of the Missouri when we dropped in. Down the shot line into excellent visibility. A little worse than the earlier morning dive but we couldn't complain! After a bimble around the bow of the ship we ventured towards what would have been the stern (however it wasn't there as this particular wreck broke into two pieces and the stern was some way away from the bow). We happened across a very calm spotted dogfish, which when we came within arms reach we realised it wasn't moving. It wasn't until Mike reached out to see if it was alive that it darted off in the blink of an eye. Little guy was probably just napping!

Back to camp for an evening get together and another BBQ (because why not?) went down a treat after a long day of diving, and the night was still young when the club members opted for a game of traditional rounders (although the idea of rounders in fins for next year might be on the cards!) 

Sadly my weekend of diving was cut short after tearing my drysuit on the anchor basket on the boat. However the remainder of the club members who stayed on till the Sunday had a great second day of diving and we even went in for a spot of snorkelling too after leaving Nick, Adam and Lee stranded at Porth Dafarch. Although it wasn't all bad as they all got ice cream!

I personally cannot wait until next year to return to Bog bay and all the hidden gems it has to offer. Until then, dive safe!


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