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Sub C Divers Meets Sidemount Bob

An Evening with Garry Dallas

Ever since I first laid my eyes on the sidemount system I knew that was how I wanted to dive. Sub C Divers hosted an evening with Sidemount Bob himself, RAID Instructor Trainer and Director of Training Garry Dallas put together a fantastic and eye-opening evening last week. 

There is definitely a wealth of knowledge out there in the diving community and Garry is up there with the best. This article isn't about labels, or brands or even agencies being better than others. This evening was designed to show that no matter what agency you train under, the knowledge you learn can be applied in any form of diving. Garry is better known for his Cave diving. At least that's where he first caught my eye from some of the amazing photos he takes in cave systems around the world.


Garry's photography is nothing short of amazing, it has even gained him a spot in the ScubaDiver magazine as Underwater Photographer of the Week, this is also one of my personal favourites.

We felt especially honoured as Garry tailored this talk specifically for the evening with us. It was very engaging and we had lots of interaction from the audience (even if they had to be poked with a big stick first). With lots of questions all round I feel there was a lot to take in and process, but no doubt we will all be in the pool on Wednesday giving the skills we have learned a try!

It is clear to me, that no matter what flavour of diving you partake in, no matter how long you have been diving from there is definitely something to be learned from our fellow divers. Whilst I don't think I'll be venturing into cave systems myself any time soon, I do believe the techniques and skills used in cave diving can be utilised in deep tec dives, in open water rec dives, in wreck diving, and even in your bath! 

Garry kicking off the evening

From the finning techniques to sorting out my own personal bad habits, I certainly have benefited from the evening and hope to have many happy safe dives ahead. I hope I will be seeing more of Garry in the future, and if I can become even a 1/4 of the diver he is, I'll be a happy guy.

Don't forget to come along to our next event with Rod Macdonald tickets are on sale now!


Safe diving all!

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