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Marine Life Appreciation

Are you interested in the underwater environment and our impact on it?

BSAC’s Marine Life Appreciation course is a great way to find out how you can contribute to marine science and conservation.

The Marine Life Appreciation course is open to any BSAC member. No diving qualification is necessary to take part, but there is an optional underwater session for qualified divers.

On this one-day course, four interactive core sessions will introduce you to the basic science that governs life underwater, including:

The main groups of marine creatures
Key marine science processes
Human impact on the marine environment
What you as a diver can do to protect and preserve our marine environment
There is plenty to do including quizzes, optional coral reef and freshwater sessions, and you will have the opportunity to calculate your carbon footprint. This is not a marine life identification course, however it does show you how to use readily available marine life ID resources to identify marine plants and animals.

The Marine Life Appreciation course will capture your imagination and, having completed the course, you will be in a great place to learn more about the underwater world and do more to protect it.

Currently, only club members can take a course with us. If you want to get started, you can always take a trydive with us.

Your next steps – developing your skills

Why not develop specific skills to expand your diving-related interests further, whether you are a diving member or non-diving member? Imagine being qualified in diver first aid or becoming a boathandler. Check out the Skill Development Courses (SDCs) you can get involved in.

If you are not already a diver, how about learning to dive on an Ocean Diver course. If you are already a diver you could progress your diver grade training.

Maybe you are thinking about becoming an SDC instructor, or want to improve your diver instructing skills? The BSAC Instructor Training Scheme has a course for you. 

You could sign up for BSAC’s Instructor Foundation Course (IFC) to become an Assistant Diving Instructor, or develop your existing skills as an Open Water Instructor and become a Marine Life Appreciation instructor.