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Club Event: Menai Boat run weekend

This Club Event has been organised by Lee Bevan. Any questions should be directed to them.

  • Event Name: Menai Boat run weekend
  • Location: Dinas boat yard- Anglesey
  • Date: Mar 29th 2020 08:00
  • Spaces Remaining: 4 / 7

Menai boat run 2020 is scheduled for March 29th 2020 from Dinas boat yard. The cost of this event is £65.00 (funds raised on behalf of RNLI)
Plus the 5.00 club boat fee each makes the base cost £14.50. each, in addition there will be fuel cost. First come first served basis. Even though I have scheduled the event I am more than happy to sit this one out for the sake of others having an experience. I have also posted a dive event for the Saturday 28th March 2020 leading up to the the Menai boat run which is to cater for 6 other persons. Event Approved by DO. Please note further details will follow.