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Sub C Divers

Dive Event: Anglesey diving - site to be determined by DM

This Dive Event has been organised by Lee Bevan. Any questions should be directed to them.

  • Event Name: Anglesey diving - site to be determined by DM
  • Location: Anglesey - wrecks etc to be decided by Dive manager
  • Date: Mar 28th 2020 08:00
  • Dive Manager: Lee Bevan
  • Spaces Remaining: 2 / 6

As the boat will be down in Anglesey for the Sunday 29th March 2020 Menai boat run, It Makes sense to perhaps organise a dive event on the Saturday for a different group of people. I have named myself as Both organiser and dive manager (However Dive manager will be sought rather than it being the same old people all the time) Cost of this trip will be the usual club boat fee of £5.00 plus any fuel refill cost for the day. More information to follow. if you would like to dive manage this event or you require a specific training requirement please reach out to Chris Heywood or an OWI to make the necessary arrangements. I am sure the Dive manager will accommodate your needs.
**Time and location to be confirmed by appointed Dive manager - This event has been approved by DO.